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About Us

We’re a well organized, talented and flexible team of designers, web developers, project managers and marketers passionate about creating websites.

Merix Studio is a Poland-based web design agency operating internationally. We have over 10 years experience in web development. Our offer is focused on delivering user-centered, attractive and usable graphic designs together with clean, W3C standards compliant code. Whether it’s small websites or advanced bespoke web applications, with accessibility and usability in mind we take pride in what we do.

Where we are

We have offices located in Poznań (Poland) and New York

What we are the best at

The solid experience we have gained since 1999 allows us to offer unique web design services, W3C standards compliant (X)HTML/CSS coding and development of bespoke database applications.

We’ve been featured in numerous popular CSS galleries:

In a nutshell – Merix Studio in numbers:

  • 10 dedicated, in-house web developers, including graphic designers, programmers and coders.
  • 6 experienced and fluent English speaking project managers.
  • over 800 clients served since 1999 – all from our office in Poznań (Poland).
  • over 1200 successfully completed projects.
  • ∞ creative power!

Appealing Designs

Experience high-quality layouts that bring your web identity to a whole new level.

The decision to build web presence may be one of the most beneficial moves a company can make in terms of a development perspective. There is only one condition that needs to be met – it has to be done right.

Design always provides the first impression. The way how you present yourself is how others perceive you.

We create effective and appealing designs for websites and Internet applications according to usability principles. Our user-oriented designs are both easy to use and delightful to look at.

Before we start working on a design we carefully analyze a client’s requirements and expectations. In case of more complex projects wireframes are prepared in order to picture whole structure better.

Contact us for more design examples.

Hand-crafted markup

Be visible to your audience by having fully optimized and cross-browser tested markup.

Have you ever wondered how many potential clients you lose because of your website not being displayed properly in the most popular browsers? Hidden menus, broken images, lost text or forms that don’t work are only few examples of what may happen with your website when it’s not properly optimized. A broken site provides a very poor impression, meaning visitors will need to be extremely motivated not to hit “back” and check competition.

That’s why we prepare our websites in order to maximize their accessibility across most popular browsers (IE6+, Firefox 2+, Safari 3+, Opera 9.5+, and others if required). Furthermore each of our projects meet highest W3C standards (XHTML 1.0 Strict or HTML 4.01 Strict).

We’re also aware that no one likes long loading times so we minimize this by optimizing project structure, size of markup and included graphic files.

Finally, we always consider the possibility that the project may develop further in the future. We therefore build modular CSS and optimize (X)HTML structure to facilitate future modifications.

Who is using our markup?*

* Our markup when handed over to the Client is always W3C compliant, although its further modifications (e.g. integration with third party solutions) may have an impact on the validation.

Contact us in order to receive samples of our quality markup.

Custom User Interface

Amaze your visitors thanks to the powerful set of possibilities that modern JavaScript gives.

Nowadays a solid, but still static website is sometimes not enough. There is increasing need for introducing features that will “wow” the visitors. Something dynamic, interactive and eye pleasing. Carousels, accordions, modal windows, user-side forms validation – these are some of the most common examples of JavaScript usage.

Although there’re plenty of ready-made solutions, they have their limitations. Because of that very often we decide to go a step further and build them from scratch, fully customized. This approach assures that final product is unique and stands out from the crowd.

What’s more, we don’t limit ourselves to small add-ons and are always open for new challenges. Xpiritmental or mBlocks projects are good examples of how far we can go with custom user interface implementation.

Server-side Solutions

Easily maintain your website via fully customized, user friendly management tools.

No matter how complex your project is, whether you require simple blog, CMS or huge e-commerce platform we’re able to help you out.

Our applications are built in Object Oriented Programming (using Zend framework) with a large focus on flexibility. Before we start coding, we carefully design a database structure (MySQL or PostgreSQL). We’re aware that in most cases further development is required as applications grow and new features are added. Having this in mind we always want to assure the easy addition of new extensions.

At the end we run security tests to assure that final product will not only be functional but also safe (SQL Injection or XSS have no right to appear).

Next to the custom development we also offer our services in the field of readymade solutions, e.g. WordPress, Drupal, Expression Engine, Magento and others.

They Chose

Meet those who already entered the World of Merix Studio.

Merix Studio is currently working with many companies from all around the world, including USA, UK, Ireland, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, UAE and many more.

Our clients range from large organizations to SME, media publishers to government and financial institutions as well as charities.

All our clients are equal, and we always do our best to satisfy every single company that challenges us with its project idea.

We’d love to partner with you as well! Contact us to find out more.

Our Clients


Name 3 reasons why you were disappointed with your recent web design partner?

  • Missed deadlines?
  • Poor communication?
  • Dissatisfied with quality?

These are the most common reasons why companies are not comfortable with outsourcing. But hey! it doesn’t have to be like that. Say “goodbye” to all those bad practices.

You've just entered into the World of Merix Studio where the rules are as they were always supposed to be. We believe in working transparently, sharing our expertise and insight with our clients in an open, trusted manner. The best way to get to know us is to contact and speak with us.

Whether you're working on e-commerce solution, online newspaper or a magazine, high-traffic portal, corporate website, blog or just a small brochure site – we'd love to hear from you! We've enabled hundreds of websites across all spectrum of industries to be successful online brands.

Why Merix?
There are at least 5 reasons:

  • Because of our location (Poland) we can offer more competitive quotes.
  • We produce modern, aesthetic design together with top notch quality code.
  • We employ only the most talented developers – firm believers in web standards and accessibility.
  • Our experienced, English speaking project managers are available Mon – Fri, 8AM – 4PM (UTC+1) via e-mail/phone/IM.
  • We’re 11 years in the market – we know how to do the right things and how to get things done right.

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” – Antoine de Saint Exupery

Contact Us

Merix Studio

61-577 Poznań, ul. Różana 13, Poland

tel./fax: +48 61 833 73 15, +48 61 833 13 94


Quick way to get in touch with us:

Skype: Our status


AOL: merixstudio

Yahoo: merixstudio


We are at your disposal Monday to Friday between 8:00 and 16:00 (UTC +1:00).

How to find us?

WoM vs browsers

World of Merix Studio can be treated as a demonstration of what websites might look like in the future, when browsers will finally be able to smoothly render advanced graphics.

Currently most browsers in which we tested World of Merix Studio, have problems with the proper display of complex animations, which are delayed and lack smoothness in their rendering. This effect is noticeable especially when the whole screen, not only part of it, needs to be refreshed (i.e. what happens on World of Merix Studio).

Unfortunately developers of browser engines focus on the number of operations that JavaScript code can perform per second. Meanwhile what would be very useful (but is ignored), is hardware acceleration support which would enhance graphics rendering on websites. This way, websites created using HTML, CSS and JavaScript could enter a brand new level of presentation and interactivity, a level which currently is only possible to reach using Flash technology.

Performance in particular browsers*

Below list of browsers where World of Merix Studio works smooth (or very near that):

  • Opera 9+
  • Firefox 3+
  • Safari 4+
  • Chrome 2+

Unfortunately WoM works slow in:

  • Chrome 1
  • Safari 3
  • Internet Explorer 6, 7 & 8

What is more in IE (as usual), because of its limitations, not everything looks as in more advanced competitors’ products.

* till now tested only on Windows OS and only under mentioned browsers’ versions

Mentions & Awards

And some lovely tweets too:

Love these sites that look like if they were Flash, but they are just HTML.

WoM - this is to web design, what the first "Matrix" was to movies... Blows my mind.

Wow! Have you seen this site!? OMG. Pure CSS.

Most insanely wicked use of JS on a site I've ever seen.

Wow! Can do this without Flash!?

This should have a “best of” tag. Brilliance.

Wow. This is really slick from a technical stand-point. Can’t believe they didn’t use Flash!

Stunning use of JavaScript, one very big plus point is that it degrades gracefully without JS turned on. If they hadn’t they may as well have built it in Flash.

RE: @merix_studio Wow... You have my attention Merix! Congratulations on the new site launch.

Just wanted to let you know that your new website looks awesome! The UI and JavaScript effects are quite incredible. Keep up the good work!

Just looking at WoM. Amazing site design, and no Flash at all... Fantastic coding!

Site of the month!